About Us

Julius & Meredith Galvan

A visit to Spokane Healing Rooms in 2010 led to the adventure of a lifetime for us. We were radically changed from sinners to saints through the Saving Grace of Jesus Christ. We were reborn into the Kingdom of Light of the love of God’s Son! In July 2011 we moved to Olathe, Kansas in obedience to the voice of the Lord. In October of 2012, the Healing Rooms of Olathe was birthed. Since then, we helped plant others in the state of Kansas while continuing to build in Olathe and serve daily in the prayer rooms. International Association of Healing Rooms (IAHR) ordained us and appointed us Region 3 Directors to oversee a four state region. We found out very quickly that God’s people needed spirit and soul healing so they could pursue the path of Christ without restraint. As we progressed in healing through deliverance, we heard the Lord clearly we were to relinquish the assignment with IAHR. With a new focus on healing through deliverance, we moved to Olsburg, KS. In 2020 we opened our home as a weekend retreat. We began also to preach, teach at Flying Eagles Ministries in Manhattan, KS and serve in the prayer rooms. While preparing the Olsburg farmhouse, we traveled to Independence, KS three days a week to minister deliverance to Hannah’s House. Hannah’s House is a Christian home ministry of Chrystalbrook Church housing those without hope, trapped in addictions, trauma, homelessness, and depression. In 2019, we trained a team there to provide deliverance sessions under “Hidden Roots”. We are training teams in Manhattan and Olathe Kansas to expand this necessary ministry of Christ. We have a wonder-filled relationship with The Homestead – a ministry under Westview Community Church in Manhattan, KS. Director, Deb Kluttz has entrusted us to bring the gals they serve through healing and deliverance ministry.

Our heart is to expand the kingdom of God and see all of God’s kids set free from every bondage that distracts or hinders their destiny and their blood-bought identity in Christ Jesus. We are available to teach or train teams to do this beloved ministry of Christ. We believe this is a commission given to every follower of Jesus Christ and hope to see many more living abundant lives in Him.

Call us at 913-563-2413